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Noritsu QSS-3011 Minilab

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The QSS-3011 Digital consists of a compact printerprocessor with a detached film scanner, but utilizes a footprint of just fifteen square feet. The space saving design makes installation easy. 



High Capacity

The QSS-3011 Digital outperforms its compact size. No need to sacrifice processing speed for a compact design with fully digital operations. With the ability to process approximately 1,160* prints/hour (3.5”x5”), the QSS- 3011 Digital outperforms other similarly sized digital minilabs. 



Digital Processing

Because the QSS-3011 Minilab converts all scanned images into digital data, a wide range of correction measures can be applied to significantly improve contrast, sharpness and red-eye, as well as to minimize problems with exposure, backlighting, and flash photography. Negatives with dust and scratches can be automatically detected and corrected



Additional Information

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Processing Speed N/A
Heating Capacity N/A
Weight N/A
Exposure Conditions N/A
Exposure Engine N/A
Compatible Input Media N/A
Compatible Output Media N/A
Print Resolution N/A
Print Size N/A
Exposure Speed N/A
Exposure System N/A
Paper Supply N/A
Paper Specification N/A
Transport System N/A
Temperature Control N/A
Replenishment System N/A
Processing Solution Tank Capacity N/A
Replenishment Solution Tank Capacity N/A
Dryer N/A
Print Receiving Tray N/A
Ethernet N/A
Estimated Printing Capacity N/A

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