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Nexlab F-135 non-plus 35mm film LED Pakon - Kodak scanner f135 "Refurbished"
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This is for a Used Pakon, Nexlab, Kodak F135 non-plus scanner. Here is the main difference between the Pakon f135 non-plus & Plus scanner.  Using the PSI software the non-plus scans at a (4 Base) 1000x1500ppi about 4x6 @300dpi & (8 base) 1500x3000ppi about 5x7 @ 300dpi files.  The Plus scans at the (4 Base), (8 Base) and the (16 base) 2000x3000ppi about 8x10 @ 300dpi files.  The Plus scanner is also faster then the non-plus scanner.  If your goal is to have good looking files to look at on your digital devises like your computer, TV, phones or tablets the non-plus is all you need.

However if you use the tlxclient software to scan your negatives using the non-Plus scanner you CAN scan at the 16 base 2000x3000ppi.  But the non-plus is still slower than the Plus scanner.

These F-135 non-Plus film scanners vary on the front logo sticker but are all the exact same scanner and will have the Pakon, Nexlab or Kodak logo. Because they are used they do have scuffs, scratched and may be yellowed.

The Pakon Scanner runs off Windows XP. If you have a newer computer or MAC you would have to set it but so It runs Windows XP in the background as a virtual machine. There is a FaceBook user group that is very helpful with this kind of set up. 


  • 1 - Pakon F135 non-Plus film scanner: Used - seller tested and refurbished
  • 1 - Power adapter & cord: New
  • 1 - USB Cable: Used
  • 1 - Software on CD v3.0: New
  • 90 day warranty: Repair or replacement


A/D Conversion: 16-bits

Output Color Space: 16-bit

Output File Formats: Planar (RAW), DIB, JPEG, TIFF, EXIF, BMP

Digital ICE™ Technology

Color Correction: Kodak Image Science

Scanning Software: Pakon Easy Order Scanning Interface (PSI)

OEM Software Interface: COM

Operating System: Windows XP

Interface: USB 2.0 (Dedicated port recommended)

Light Source: LED

Power Requirements: 90-264 VAC, 50/60Hz

Dimensions: (WxHxD): 8.6x6.7x14.9 in. (317 x 343 x 406mm)

Weight (approx.): 9 lbs. (4kg)


Computer Requirements:

CPU: Intel® Pentium III or AMD Athlon (with MMX

instruction support) 700Mhz

4 GB (min) hard drive free space capable of 30 MBs sustained data rate

OS: Windows XP or Windows 2000 supported

Memory: 256 MB RAM

Data Interface: USB 2.0


Film Types:

35mm Color Negative and

C-41 Black and White with v3.0 software


Pakon Film Scanners Resolutions and Throughput

35mm Images/Hour                          DICE OFF         DICE ON

1000 X 1500 ppi (Base 4)                    661                    496

1500 X 2250 ppi (Base 8)                    293                    220

2000 X 3000 ppi (Base 16)                   ---                      ---


35mm Rolls/Hour *

1000 X 1500 ppi (Base 4)                     27                       12

1500 X 2250 ppi (Base 8)                     20                        9

2000 X 3000 ppi (Base 16)                   --                          --

* 24 exposure