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Fuji Frontier 550/570/590 Digital Wet Minilab "Refurbished"
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The next-generation Digital Minilab Frontier 550/570/590 models set a new standard for high-speed processing, without sacrificing the print quality that customers have come to expect from Frontier. A high-speed laser exposure system and Fujifilm's proprietary Image Intelligence image processing produce exceptional high-quality, high-resolution prints with pure, vivid colors. Expandable to handle a wide variety of digital media, these next-generation Frontier models are simple to operate, even for inexperienced staff, and feature space-saving stylish designs that can be accommodated in any floor space. In combination with Fujifilm's proprietary paper and chemicals, the new Frontier models make it possible to offer speedy "Prints in Minutes" service. That means more satisfied customers coming more often to your store.

  • Processing capacity (actual production) 1,210 prints/hour(4R size)
  • Single-order processing time: 2` 55" (24 prints/4R size)
  • Footprint (output unit) 1.2 m2
  • Processor capacity (maximum capacity) 1,210 prints (4R size) per hour.
  • Print sorter: 7 orders
  • Power consumption 328kWh*

Large 12-inch-wide prints

The Frontier 550/570/590 are set up to produce large-size prints used by professional photographers – up to 12x18 inches – enabling you to offer services to this segment of the market. Even at large dimensions, the prints have beautiful image quality and crisp, clear resolution.

Self-diagnostic system

The Frontier 550/570/590 run continuous self-diagnostic routines during the course of ordinary operation, and full diagnostic information is available in real time. Potential problems trigger an onscreen alert, so that they can be dealt with as quickly as possible.

More processing capacity in less space

Despite their greater processing capacities, the Frontier 550/570/590 are more compact than their predecessors (Frontier 350/370/390). They also allow greater flexibility in your shop`s floor layout thanks to their three-sided maintenance configurations – all maintenance operations can be done from the front or the sides, and there`s no need to access the back of the unit. Either unit can be placed against a wall, freeing up floor space for other uses, or allowing you to fit the Frontier into a smaller room to begin with.

24-, 14- and 7-order sorters

The Frontier 550 is available with a 7-order sorter, while the Frontier 570/590 offers a choice of either a 14- or 24-order sorter. The top-mounting of the 7- and 14-order sorters eliminates the need for additional footprint space

Energy-saving design

Along with engineering improvements, the energy-consumption profile of the output units has been readjusted and optimized to reflect the most common usage patterns. The end result is an energy savings of approximately 50% in energy-savingmode, and approx. 35-45% in standard mode, compared with the previous model (Frontier 370).

12-inch double paper magazine

Strongly recommended as the optimum color print paper for the Frontier series, Fujicolor Crystal Archive Paper paper offers faster results along with superior print quality.

CP-49E chemical system

The CP-49E chemical system guarantees time-saving efficiency. One-touch chemical mixing provides simple, clean and safe processing.

Frontier 550/570/590 with high-speed processing technology

Starting with the high-speed, high-precision scanner, the Frontier 550/570/590 have been engineered for greater productivity. Other elements include the high-speed conveyor belt, the highly efficient multi-path chemical processing system, and the fast yet energy-efficient drying system. Sharp, high-resolution images and pure, vivid colors are provided by the Fujifilm-developed high-speed laser exposure unit.

Image Intelligence

New face detection technology adjusts contrast and color so that faces stand out and background scenery elements appear bright and clear. The result is attractive, natural-looking portraits and people photos.

Improved red-eye correction feature provides fully automatic detection and correction of unsightly red-eye on color negatives or digital images. A red-eye mark on index prints indicates frames that have been corrected.

Fuji Frontier 550 570 590 Digital Wet Minilab