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Pakon F-135 Plus and F-135 Film Photo Scanner - Items tagged as "Kodak"

The main difference between the Pakon F-135 non-plus & Plus scanner.  

  • Using the PSI software the non-plus scans at a (4 Base) 1000x1500ppi about 4x6 @300dpi & (8 base) 1500x3000ppi about 5x7 @ 300dpi files.  
  • The Plus scans at the (4 Base), (8 Base) and the (16 base) 2000x3000ppi about 8x10 @ 300dpi files.  
  • If your goal is to have good looking files to look at on your digital devises like your computer, TV, phones or tablets the non-plus is all you need.

These scanners will either have Nexlab, Kodak, Pakon, or Noritsu as the front logo but are the same as the Pakon / Kodak logo'ed F-135 scanners. The Nexlab - Pakon Scanner runs off Windows XP.  If you have a newer computer or MAC you would have to set it up so It runs Windows XP in the background as a virtual machine.  There is a FaceBook user group that is very helpful with this kind of set up. PAKON F-135 Facebook Group

Here is a great blog post explaining the Pakon Scanner and how well and easy it is to use and get setup. This person purchased the scanner through our site and we are happy to have these scanners back in stock! - THE KODAK / PAKON F135 SCANNER